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*Selling fast* Arya African Lux Waist Beads

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Meet Arya, for the dreamy, classy queens! 🫧  *Please note that the price is for one string only*

She is the perfect waist bead if you’re all about elegance, simplicity and exclusivity!
Arya is more than just a piece of jewellery, she is a symbol of your personality combined with beautiful femininity.

Crafted with unique clear beads Arya will add a touch of glow to you whilst kindly telling you when you’re gaining or loosing weight.

*Selling fast* Arya African Lux Waist Beads
*Selling fast* Arya African Lux Waist Beads
*Selling fast* Arya African Lux Waist Beads
*Selling fast* Arya African Lux Waist Beads
Select 5 Waist Beads for 50% OFF!
Over 18,000 Happy Queens Worldwide!😍

How To Tie Your Waist Beads ✨

✨ What The Queens Are Saying ✨

Hi all, my waist beads no longer fit, they drop to the floor when I put them on, they really have been a great dieting partner and I can't tell you how happy I am that my current beads are too big. I'll be buying more next week, thank you so much xxxx


I absolutely LOVE these beads I almost cried tying them on. I'm so grateful l found your shop. It's making this self love journey so so so much more tangible for me. I'll definitely be posting more about them. Thank youuuuuuu

Myrie L.

I really love your beads and I buy them for myself and for other people I know. They really love them These are my first good quality beads as the others have had cheap material and don't look as nice. I'll continue to support you as long as my bank account allows.

Karine K.

I just love the waist beads so much!


OMG these beads are the absolute best and stunning! 🤩 I'm truly impressed. Thank you will be ordering more!!!

Immy A.

Inch by inch, let your Waist Beads tell your progress! 😍

Frequently asked questions

What size do I get?

No need to worry about sizing. Our strings come in one universal size that suits up to size UK22- US20.

If you want them longer all you need to do is tie two strings together to reach desired lenght.

How do i tie them?

Click here to watch a video showing how to tie our waist beads 🥰

are they made with cotton strings or elastic?

Our waist beads are all handmade the traditional way with durable cotton strings in order to serve the purpose of weight management the proper way.

Can I wear them as a non african?

Yes of course! We love to see Queens from all backgrounds appreciating our culture.
What we don't condone is culture appropriation.

Do they have clasps?

No they don't. This is because they are meant to be tied exactly where you wish on your waist and also clasps can easily break or be damaged.

Do you ship worldwide?

Oh yes! We ship worldwide and provide tracking number for all of our packages.

How long do you take to deliver?

Delivery is always 2-3 days in the UK and 7-10 days in the USA and rest of the world.