About Us

Discover Kentell Accra: Our Story and Values

Welcome to Kentell Accra, a luxurious black owned African brand based in the United Kingdom! We're excited to share our story with you and let you in on what makes us unique.

Supporting Our Homeland and Its Values

Kentell Accra is all about supporting the Motherland and its special values. We believe in using the power of the Internet to create more job opportunities in West Africa by hiring more and more local artisans  and providing them with an opportunity to look after their families and take care of their children from primary school to higher education.

In essence, It's not just about waist beads for us – it's about empowering and giving back to our communities whilst keeping our cultural values alive.

We want connect Queens to Africa and allow them to choose where their coins go wisely.

From Ghana to the World: Our Offerings

From Ghana to all around the world! We bring you the best quality traditional waist beads which aren't just accessories for us– but a gateway to give back to Africa, express your femininity, track your weight and finally fall in love with yourself.

Our dream?

To bring you an exclusive African experience no matter where you are! If you're curious to experience more, follow us on Instagram! We share interesting facts, language lessons and so much more.

Our Founder, Joanna, her vision and the Kentell tribe

Meet Joanna, the creative force behind Kentell Accra. She has roots in Ghana and Sierra Leone and started this brand in 2019.

Supported by her family and team of local artisans she met whilst living in Ghana, she has taken the Kentell tribe from 0 to over 14,000 customers. If you believe in her vision shop with us.

Thank you for your support,

Your friend and founder