Frequently Asked Question


Here are all the answers to your questions:

1) How long is the shipping?
Our orders are all shipped within a day and take up to 7 days internationally ( USA, Canada, Australia, EU)  with tracking numbers. And 2-3 days in the UK.

2) What size do I need?
Beautiful question! So the answer is so easy: NO NEED TO WORRY. That's because our designs come in a very long thread that can fit every BODY up to size UK20- US 18. And if this is still small you can tie 2 of them together to make an even longer string.

3) Can I exercise, bath, sleep in them?
Oh yesss! You can do anything in them sis. They're meant to be with you as part of your daily life. So make sure you're NOT squeezing them on your waist. The purpose is to feel sexy, confident and comfortable in them.

4) Are they elastic?
No, they are not. Our waist beads are all made with cotton strings, made purposefully for weight control and culture.

5) Do they come with screws?
No, all of our designs are made traditionally with strong cotton threads that you can tie where you wish. Also, remove them by rolling them above your waist.


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