white girl wearing waist beads

Waist Beads: Can I Wear Them?


Today women wear waist beads as a natural weight control tool, as a way to tap into their feminine energy and for the African ladies, as a way to reconnect with their roots. 

Here at Kentell we consider waist beads cultural appropriation if you claim they are your creation as a non African person.

In general, we believe there's nothing wrong with wearing waist beads even if you’re from another ethnicity. We've served ladies from all background.
If we didn't want to share our culture, then we wouldn't be offering them worldwide to begin with.

Which side are you on: Appropriation or Appreciation?

As you may know, racism and the exploitation of African culture has been affecting black people to this day but as a black owned brand we want to give you the power to choose what category you’d like to be part of: Appropriation or Appreciation? 

Caring about racism in this case would mean appreciating African culture in all its beauty and mentioning us with your friends, family or online.

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