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Opium Majesty African Lux Waist Beads

Opium Majesty African Lux Waist Beads

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*Please note that the price is for one string only*
 Opium Majesty! I mean just look at her! She's classy, chic and bold! She is nonetheless a highly requested one and has been admired by many Queens!

Embrace your curves and wrap your waist with this waist beads whilst connecting with the African culture.


What size should you get?

At KENTELL you don't need to worry about sizing, all our Lux African waist beads come as a universal length of 44 inches which can fit up to size UK22 and USA 18. This design allows our waist beads to be tied and cut by women of all sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit and a stunning look! So all you have to do is choose 5 of your favourite designs and get 50% off at checkout! Yes. It's that easy!

Why should you wear Kentell Lux waist beads?

✨Wearing Waist beads is more than just a fashion statement - it's a way to connect with your body and watch your weight in a very healthy way.

✨Also if you're African, it helps you express your cultural identity and embrace the beauty of your African heritage.

✨ Whether you wear them under your clothes or as a statement piece, our Lux African waist beads are a powerful reminder of your feminine power.

✨It also help you be unique just by creating gorgeous sets that represents your personality with designs that you can only find here.

✨Some men also love it! So if you're in a relationship why not spicy it up with this nice jewel that will forever be remembered?

Quality Guarantee

Our waist beads are carefully handmade in Ghana bead by bead so you can imagine how much time, passion and attention is behind each piece. They are meant to be durable, strong and perfect for all body types.

Need help?

Hey girl, we are here for you! Talk to us via WhatsApp here! :)


⭐️African waist beads

⭐️Colour as seen in the picture

⭐️Handmade in Ghana

⭐️Tie on beads

⭐️Made with glass seeds

⭐️Strand length up to 44”

⭐️Can be worn as an anklet or bracelet

⭐️Helps in maintaining weight

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are they tie on, elastic or screwed waist beads?

As authentic African waist beads providers our waist beads are tie on like the traditional ones. This is because they are able to serve their purpose of tracking your weight and shaping your body curves.

2. Can I shower with my waist beads on?

Yes of course. These waist beads are meant to be worn over a long period of time. And since they are made by authentic artisans the threads and material are made of good quality.

3. How do I use it to track my waist?

Tie the waist beads just over your hips. In time if they roll up it means you've added weight, if they roll down it means you've lost weight.

4. Are these waist beads with any chakras or crystals?

No, our waist beads do not serve these purposes.

Care Instructions

✅ Do not tie too tight on your waist.

✅ Remove it by sliding it from the upper body.

✅Store them properly: When you're not wearing your waist beads, store them in a safe place where they won't get tangled or damaged.

Return and Exchange

Kentell does not accept returns and exchange requests for waist beads due to hygiene reasons. However our customer support is always available to solve any queries.

NEED HELP?  Talk to us here

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