The Beautiful African Print Fabric: Kente.

The Beautiful African Print Fabric: Kente.

Every now and then, a fabric becomes so important that it is made part of a nation's identity. We can think of Japanese kimonos, Egyptian linens, or Roman togas as examples. 

So, what's the definitive textile of West Africa? That would be Kente cloth my girl

Kente cloth is probably the most universally recognized of all African fabrics.

Did you know is produced by the Asante and Ewe people of Ghana ?

The art form was actually developed in Ghana by two brothers. One day, the brothers watched a spider spin its web and decided to try and make something similar and that’s how the first kente cloth was made. 

Kente is more than just a cloth. It is an iconic visual representation of the history, philosophy, ethics and is still regarded as a symbol of social prestige, nobility, and cultural sophistication.

Did you know each colour has a meaning ? 

  • Blue means love
  • Green means growth and energy
  • Yellow (gold) means wealth and royalty
  • Red means violence and anger,
  • White means goodness or victory
  • Grey means shame
  • Black means death (or old age)

Did you know that Kente is so royal that Even today, when a new design is created, it must first be offered to the royal house of the village ?

If the king declines to take the pattern, it can be sold to the public as designs worn by Asante royalty may not be worn by others.


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