The Meaning Of Waist Beads Explained

The Meaning Of Waist Beads Explained


Wow! Did you know that Waist Beads are very important in the African culture?
The meanings of African beads include pride, beauty, culture, power, and identity. During the slave trade, Africans were sold in exchange for beads.

Main Purpose of Waist Beads:

Waist beads are worn by women of all ages and sizes! African Waist beads, which are traditionally worn under clothes by African women, have a variety of meanings. From rites of passage to seducing your husband to healing and rejuvenation.
This art of self-adornment has been practiced since the dawn of time.

The Yoruban tribe of Nigeria popularized the tradition in West Africa. They are worn to symbolize womanhood, sexuality, femininity, fertility, healing, spirituality, body shaping, protection, and wealth. Waist beads are sometimes referred to as "African Lingerie."

Mali wedding beads represent beauty to South African tribes due to the rainbow of colors embedded in them. On their wedding day, they are given to brides. The most long-lasting beads are made of stone or metal. Beads made by Africans are also made from natural materials such as stone, bone, hell, wood, amber, and glass. Ceramic or bamboo materials are also used to make smooth-textured beads.

Food and livestock have been exchanged for African beads. Some Africans believe that the beads have magical properties. Some African women wear beads around their waists to help them keep track of their weight. Measure their body and shape it.

Women will wear waist beads to get/keep their bodies intact, both traditionally and in modern times. The beads are said to shape your body, keeping your waist small and your hips accentuated. It was (and still is) used as a measuring device. Some waist beads do not stretch, so if/when the waist beads begin to feel tight, it is a sign of weight gain, and vice versa.

Beads are still used and worn by Africans in the twenty-first century for cultural recognition, status, and adornment.

The Process Of Making Waist Beads

Traditionally, the person who makes your waist beads is a spiritual person. The beads, shells, stones, and other items that may be worn around your waist are chosen and placed with a specific purpose in mind. The beads that a woman wears for her husband will be vastly different from those that a young girl wears as she enters womanhood. The waist bead trend has become very modernized, but traditionally, the potency and power of a woman's beads in terms of spirituality and development were very specific and intentional. Colors and meaning are appealing. The colors of the beads have very specific meanings as well. These meanings may differ from tribe to tribe and culture to culture, and they are open to interpretation.

So, now that you've read all of this, you're probably wondering where you can get waist beads. And don't worry I've got you covered!



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